The Son Of A Pepper Seller

Photography/Installation Art- For The Made In Nigeria Art Competition, I Hereby Present My Submission— The Son Of A Pepper Seller, © Olufela Omokeko, 2021.

“The son of a pepper seller” is a biographical reconnection and a reflection of the causalities of the measurements against the widespread of the pandemic. During the nationwide lockdown essential commodities, particularly groceries were spoiled due to the initiated regulatory measures that also effected street traders and the informal economic sector of the Lagos metropolitan. With the aspect of rottenness that draw attention to the fact that the coronavirus directly and indirectly affects people of all ages, creed, race and status, taking the basis of existences without the state being able to compensate these effects. The decaying process of this installation also serves as a micro analogy to the effect on the body system and the socio-economic realities of citizens. Thereby, the my installation out of still lives out of real vegetables are a memento mori – a warning of the effects of globalization that become so obvious during the pandemic, with effects leading to the wasting of resources and food scarcity.